Our quarantine kennels meet all Defra regulations and are checked regularly by a Defra official.

Kennels vary in size and occupants are placed in appropriately sized accommodation, according to breed and number of occupants. Up to three dogs, from one home, may share a kennel.

Each kennel has its own individual run attached, which your dog can access throughout the day. Our kennels are centrally heated, with heated pipes underneath each sleeping bench. In inclement weather extra heating, via a lamp, is available, on request, at a small additional charge.
Appreciating that dogs are individuals and are used to home-life and human companionship, we endeavour to combat the loneliness and isolation of your dog’s quarantine by allocating extra contact time, outside of the routine feeding, grooming and cleaning schedule. Our Kennel Manager lives onsite.

We offer quarantine dogs a variety of complete feed, with fresh or tinned meat, added according to size and appetite. If you wish to provided a specific diet this, of course, will be accommodated. Fresh water is available at all times, and supplies are checked regularly. Should your dog be prescribed a specific diet by the veterinary surgeon, this will be rigidly adhered to.

vet visits daily and is on hand to care of any emergencies should they arise.
We provide your dog with a cosy bed and blankets, although, you are welcome to provided your preferred bedding and toys. However, we regret that we cannot be held responsible for any illness/injury to your pet caused by items should they be ingested.

As per Defra regulations, all bedding and toys provided by the owner must remain within the quarantine accommodation until your pet’s release.
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