The Defra website holds a wealth of information that outlines the regulations and procedures associated with bringing animals into the UK that are not covered by the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).
When choosing quarantine accommodation for your pet you may wish to refer to the Checklist on the Defra website.
In essence you will need to obtain, complete and return to us the following, available on our BOOKING FORMS page

• ID1 Import Licence Application form (One form required per pet)

• ID2 Sharing Quarantine Accommodation Accommodation Licence Application form (One form for up to 3 pets sharing)

• C5 Duty and VAT Declaration (One form for up to 5 pets being exported)

We will then forward the application forms, on your behalf, to the Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

We need 1 weeks notice of exact date, time and port of entry - including flight numbers, ferry details and airway bill numbers.

If you require your pet to begin their pet passport whilst in quarantine please inform us before they arrive, so the relevant procedures can be undertaken in good time.