We feed a variety of complete dog food with either fresh or tinned meat added. If your dog requires a special diet or if you prefer to bring their own brand of food, please feel free to do so.

Any puppies boarding with us should have their own diet provided during this crucial period of their development.

For families of dogs sharing a kennel we will take the owner's guidance on whether their dogs are to be fed together or separately.

Vaccination & Health Requirements

Our governing licencing authority, Fareham Borough Council, require your dogs to hold the following combined vaccinations whilst boarding with us:
* Parvovirus * Distemper * Hepetitis * Leptospirosis * Coronavirus * Parainfluenza & * Kennel Cough

Additionally, prior to boarding, your pet should have been wormed within the previous 4 weeks and be free from, and treated for, external parasites.

Vaccination documentation will need to be presented every time you book in your dog for boarding as a copy needs to be taken for our records.

Please inform us of any existing, or recurring, medical conditions or if your pet suffers from any known allergic reactions.